NightOut font


Font name: NightOut

Font style: Regular

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Basic font information

Font family: NightOut

Font subfamily identification: Regular

Unique identifier: BethanyPhipps: NightOut Bold: 2011

Full font name: NightOut Bold

Version: NightOut Bold 2011

Postscript font name: NightOut

Trademark notice: NightOut Bold is a trademark of Bethany Phipps.

Manufacturer name: Bethany Phipps

Designer: Bethany Phipps

Description: Copyright (c) 2011 by Bethany Phipps. All rights reserved.

NightOut Bold may be used for non-commercial use only. Any commercial use or work using this font where compensation in any form has been issued, appropriate fees must be paid to the designer, Bethany Phipps.

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Download zip file (3.4 Kb)159 views, 28 downloads