Nancy font


Font name: Nancy

Font style: Print

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Basic font information

Font family: Nancy

Font subfamily identification: Print

Unique identifier: ftgd: Nancy:

Full font name: Nancy

Version: 2000; 1.0, initial release

Postscript font name: Nancy-Print

Manufacturer name: Font Garden

Designer: Ellinor Rapp

Description: This font is made out of Nancy's handwriting... I did it for free you can get one to! But now I charge $15 for a font - but you have a chance of winning it. Just visit Font Garden for more information. If you find any use for this font I'd love to know :) Check out my hompage for daily fonts and dings!

mailto:[email protected]

This font is freeware for personal use only, this font may absolutely not be sold, put on cd for sale or used to make money in any way. If you use this font commercially, contact me for further information. This font is free to distribute with textfiles included a linkback to my site would be appreciated :)

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Download zip file (28.7 Kb)622 views, 105 downloads